Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas time is here again…

... and so is the overwhelming sense of loss.

I suppose I brought a lot of it on myself by playing with last night. I confirmed about 90% of my family tree by using death records. But on the other hand, I found some people who are related to me - somehow - through my paternal grandmother’s family. I hope that my tree, which took their trees down another level, will help them as much as they helped me. 

It also doesn’t help that a girl I know through her blog is going through a really shitty time. Her husband is in critical condition after a motorcycle accident, and she’s dealing with all the crap that comes hand-in-hand with something like that. Including family drama. She and her husband have been together 12 years, so that fact hit a little too close to home. I couldn’t imagine going through something like that with J…  I’m really hoping that this ends well for her and soon.

In happier news, I surprised J with a copy of the Rosetta Stone’s German Level 1 software and a few Germany travel guides. I’ve been scrimping and saving for another big trip overseas and we both have roots in Germany, so I thought this would be a fun trip for both of us. I’d been to Berlin once, but after finding out that my grandparents wound up in Germany (fled Stalin, captured by Hitler) and that my mother was born there, Germany hopped to the top of the list. (It even trumped London and I ALWAYS want to go to London. I never get tired of that city. Sorry, Nick!)

J spoiled me rotten with a few of my favorite movies on Blue-ray, a Thoreau book I’ve been drooling over, a Levenger gift card AND a sword to go with my Ren Faire outfit. The sword seems too big and heavy, but I’ll see if I can make it work. Yesterday, we started out with breakfast and Shaun of the Dead - it really was the perfect way to start Christmas Day.

Let’s see - what else?

J came to fencing with me on Thursday. It was interesting to hear his take on my “style”. Big surprise - I think too much. It also became obvious that I need to get electrified. I’ve got to find the money for a lame, electric foil and body cord. I guess I’m taking it from the vacation fund… at least I can put it back quickly. (Thank God our armory guy doesn’t take plastic!)

The work situation finally came to a head, so I guess I can talk about it a bit…

Our founder/manager had decided that, with the perfect staff in place, there was no room for him in his company any more and that his heart wasn’t into running the company any more. So, he resigned. Then there was a bunch of drama related to that. There always is when you dissolve a partnership, but was MUCH worse than most of us had thought it would be. I saw it coming for a while - I was involved early in the dissolution process - but it still hit me pretty hard. I can’t go into much more detail that that, except to say that it took over a month to get things straightened out, and we’re still not done picking up the pieces.

As a result, I was pulled into a meeting with The Big Boss Man and my future was discussed. Apparently, they think I can manage a staff. (Insert dirty joke here.) I’m scared shitless about this. I’m 35 and I’ve never been in a position to manage other people. I’ve never really wanted to manage other people - just the idea makes me uncomfortable - but, at the same time, I’m back on the original career track I had decided on when I first got the accounting degree. A conversation with the Big Big Boss Man confirmed that I’m being groomed to be a Comptroller. A COMPTROLLER! Despite the crushing fear, I’m excited that he put his faith in me. The Boss Men have really succeeded in proving that this is it - this is where I belong for the long haul. Even though there’s been way too much drama and way too much stress and way too many companies to take on, I could never leave there. I love it so much!

(For the record, I’ll be overseeing the accounting for:
1) A home heating oil company and its gas station,
2) An internet start-up that specializes in crowdsourcing design competitions for the athletic industry,
3) A membership program that offers discounts to people who support green companies,
4) A realty trust,
5) A company that manufactures/sells fabrics to various industries, AND
6) A restaurant

Dude, I got tired just writing that down!!! See why I’m being promoted?)

I knew I belonged there, too, at the holiday party. To see Big Big Boss Man cracking dirty jokes at our table, and making fun of J (the night’s main activity since he’s so damn quiet), and then the conversation he had with the Green Team’s table… I fell in love with him. HE’S the kind of boss others should aspire to be. Even Big Boss Man drove that point home. I’m so fucking fortunate to be there, and I’m so so so so very happy to be there that it’s frightening. 

So - there’s my December in a nutshell. I’ll be back to posting pictures with the entries shortly… Just need to get some time to breathe!

Posted by Matty on 12/26 at 11:17 AM