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Catching up…


aaron :: storrs, ct :: march 27, 2009

Wow.  It’s been a while. 

I have a good excuse!  Honest.  It’s called burning the candle at both ends with a sleep over at the hospital.

So, on my actual birthday, Instrument played an acoustic set on UConn’s radio station, WHUS.  I was promised a shout-out by Ben, the lead singer, so I couldn’t wait to hear the show. Seriously excited.  The show went weird… I don’t know how else to describe it… and the shout-out was never done.  I did get a phone call, though, from Ben, apologizing.  We had a great talk - I am completely sincere when I say that he is my most favorite band member. I may have known Derek longer, but Ben and I *totally* bonded.

Saturday, I went to the “Twilight” DVD release party at Michele’s. Not a huge “Twilight” fan - I read all the books, but didn’t really enjoy them. I totally would have hated the movie, except everyone there had seen it a few times and MST3K’d it.  AWESOME! There were inappropriate pictures taken with the cardboard cut-out of Edward, inappropriate things cut into the rice krispies treats, inappropriate comments about boxes,  and PONY! made an appearance… awesome night.  I wasn’t sure I’d have that much fun, but seriously? My friends NEVER disappoint. I’m very fortunate.

Came home on Sunday and planned a totally lazy day.  Not moving off the couch lazy.  Around 4 PM, my heart started beating irregularly.  It does this from time to time, so I wasn’t too concerned.  When it didn’t settle down, we went to the ER.  My heart didn’t want to calm down at all and fought everything the hospital threw at it.  Eventually, it did get back to normal, but after that, they wanted me to stay for observation.  Whatever it is, it’s minor and they weren’t that concerned.  Both relieved and a little freaked out. 

Thursday, I drove back to CT to see Instrument at the Hungry Tiger.  During the soundcheck, Ben serenaded me with “happy birthday”, but it was the extended remix version where he mispronounced my name in every single way possible. It was cute.  I liked that he remembered… even if I was totally obnoxious about my birthday in the days leading up to it. (Remember, this birthday had to be awesome to reduce the effect of March 18’s massively disturbing milestone.) 

Jersey, Boski and Viz were all there.  Henry the hippie even showed up! I didn’t really get a chance to talk to him, but Viz and I did at least get over there and say “hi”. He’s a cool guy and gives a heck of a massage. I seriously wanted to take him home with me.  He needs to friend me on Facebook (AHEM!) since I forgot to get his last name.

Ben tossed a pick at me and also gave me a real birthday shout-out towards the end of their set.  I felt like the uber-groupie.  Wicked fun for a change since I was starting to feel like one of the boys.  Not that that normally bothers me as a rule, but I *am* more than a friend, a roadie and a photographer. It’s nice when they remember I’m a fan as well.

I ended up taking Jersey up to Storrs after the show so he could get his car.  It was nice to get alone time with him and catch up. It’s been too long. Since I was in Storrs anyway, I spent the night at Derek’s. Before we went our separate ways (he to his room, me to his couch), we also had a really great chat.  That was nice, too. Answered some important questions about certain historical issues such as the “spiderman” incident.  I remember that night just as clearly, but not what started the spiderman thing.  He was so detailed that I knew it was indeed me, but I seriously don’t have a freaking clue about anything else.

I hung around D’s all day Friday since I had nothing better to do until the CD release show at Hot Topic.  While I was there, I got to enjoy solo sets by both Jonah and Aaron as we hung around outside.  Then, I got to watch the band practice their acoustic set.  They were so on yesterday.  Even though they were screwing around during rehearsal, they still nailed it.  I couldn’t wait to get to the mall and see it for real. 

They totally rocked the CD release gig.  I’ve seen them have fun on stage before, but their vibe was just insane.  Like I said, they were tight.  It might have been their best show yet. I just don’t have the words for it.  Nice to run into Derek’s parents again and hang out with Michele, Viz, and Jersey.  (Two nights of Jersey! w00t!)

After the show, we had to feed the Vizma and wound up at PF Chang’s.  Our waiter has become the gold standard against which all other men will forever be judged. (Seriously, boyfriend was HOT.) Good time, good food, good conversation.  I wasn’t going to stay for dinner, but I’m glad I did. 

I’ve got a lazy day today and then, I’m off bright and early to meet up with the boys and head to NYC for their show at Arlene’s Grocery.  I’m excited to go.  I haven’t been to NYC in years - don’t really like the city - but I don’t have to drive, so I’m happy.  I can’t wait to see them play again.  It’s been a good weekend so far for them.  I’m so proud of them.  Like I told D Thursday night, there’s no way I’d be driving from NH to CT as much as I have been for their gigs if I didn’t like their music. They’ve really come a long way.

If you haven’t yet (why not?!?), check them out:   Instrument on MySpace.

Off to grab a quick nap before the BU/Ohio State game.  See ya’ll later!

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