Wednesday, October 16, 2013


women are definitely NOT his area

Four emails sent to immigration solicitors… zero responses.

New recruiter added to my collection… zero positions.

Have I mentioned that I’m miserable lately?


I decided to work on a pair of socks for my personal trainer as a Christmas gift. She’s been hinting like mad, so why not? It won’t take me that long. (She’s got little feet.)


“This week: HARTFORD!” goes live on AO3 this weekend if it kills me. I wanted to get all three parts done before uploading any of it, but Zurich is getting a pretty extensive rewrite to the ending and I’m stuck.

Signed up for NaNo this year. I seem to have a pattern of every four years, and then two in a row (‘03, ‘04, ‘08, ‘09) so ‘13 and ‘14 are on deck. I think I’m NOT going to work on my Johnlock casefic, but I’m not sure. I may do a 30 Day OTP Challenge for Johnlock. Maybe Marlas. Maybe Skipthur. I can’t decide which fandom/OTP yet.

Eh. At least it will give me something to do if I’m still unemployed…


Used a VPN yesterday to access the BBC iPlayer so I could watch “The Graham Norton Show” with Benedict Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford. (They don’t bleep out the swears! WOOHOO!) I swear, if the BBC America version gets even a second edited out, I will cut a bitch.

I forgot to log out of the VPN when I went to file my unemployment claim, so I was getting an error message. Turns out that you must have a US-based IP address to file a claim online.

I explained to the guy what I was doing with the UK VPN and he laughed. Then, of course, he was legally required to ask me if I was working for a UK company and using a VPN to access the employer’s network.

I told him - point blank - that if I was working for a UK company, I would NOT be working virtually. I would be over there. I also wouldn’t be wasting my time looking for a job and filing unemployment claims. He laughed again.

I guess my general stabbiness regarding the location of my residence and the success of my job search was fucking hilarious.



I’m watching “The People’s Court” and there’s some people on here from Lynn, MA. They’re talking about locations in Beverly that I know well. It’s weird.


No more stalling - I’m off to Zurich.


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