Thursday, October 08, 2009

Boobies FTW!


$13,205 raised this year :: something like $63,000 since this started in 2002 as ‘boobies to florida’ :: THANK YOU!

I had an interesting day yesterday…

I got a vicious email from a reader of this site and several odd DMs via Twitter from the same person. So much hate towards me.

Now, I’m used to not being liked. I’m not really here on this planet to be friends with most of the people I cross paths with. I’m a loner and an introvert… for me to say, “I don’t need people” is pretty much the truth. I don’t need you and I really don’t need your drama.

But to be attacked for spending seven days pimping a fundraiser that I believe in… for spending seven days overusing the word “boobie”... for putting my rack up on flickr and the boobiethon site… for fighting a disease that is attacking my loved ones… well, that’s just really unnecessary.

Did you think your venomous words were going to stop me? Seriously?

I said a lot of what I needed to say to you yesterday in my email, but I also wanted to blog it. To make it perfectly clear to you that not only was your opinion unwelcome, it was also pretty asinine and to let you know, again, that you crossed the line when you called me a pervert.

I didn’t realize that sharing pictures of my boobs and constantly hyping a fundraiser - where ALL funds raised go DIRECTLY to the recipient - made me a pervert. If that’s so, then I must be a huge pervert. 

That’s fine.

But tell me this - what did you do over the past seven days to help save boobies? I know you’re female… do you ever think about a day when you might be diagnosed with breast cancer? Or one of your loved ones? You should. If that day ever comes, and you find yourself thanking Komen for all they’ve done, think about my perverted, softcore pr0n peddling friends and I and how we worked our tails off this year to raise over $11,000 just for Komen. That’s ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS that went DIRECTLY to Komen. Not one of us made a dime on this fundraiser. Not even our fearless leader who worked countless hours backstage, making sure everything worked the way it was supposed to… Not. Even. A. Single. Penny.

We engage in this “immature” fundraiser every year because we want to. Because it’s important to us. Because we all love boobies and want to save them.

Don’t you love your boobies?

Why not?


Posted by Matty on 10/08 at 08:11 PM