Friday, December 21, 2012

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It sounds stupid, but I’ve always wanted an American Girl doll. (Yes, you read that right.)

I’ve wanted to take up sewing again, too. Too many friends have picked up quilting/sewing and I feel like following along. I needed another hobby, I guess.

I came to the great conclusion that I would get myself an AG doll and sew it some clothes. A fencing uniform, specifically. I’d use some PVC pipe for the base of the mask with some window screen, a hanger for the foil, etc.

Enter the sewing machine from hell.

I had picked up an interest in sewing in high school/college and my dad bought me this really expensive (comparatively speaking) machine. The model is a limited edition and hard to find any info about on the web. I ended up buying a couple of pattern books and a book titled “Me and My Sewing Machine” with a gift card I received.

I’ve been practicing and the machine and I just aren’t getting along. I get the tension correct on my test piece and then it misbehaves on the pattern pieces.

Today, though, I had a breakthrough and managed to cobble together my first pair of doll pants. Then I promptly tore them apart. They don’t fit the doll correctly, but I know what I need to do to make them fit… then I need to attach the bib, and lo! and behold! A pair of fencing knickers!

Yeah. Except that once I get the capri pants sewn together, the bib is going to be kind of a mystery. I have a tank top pattern that will work - with some alterations. Then I need to figure out the logistics of the jacket. Whether or not I’m going to do a chest guard and plastron.

So many decisions and I keep getting ahead of myself…

It wouldn’t be so bad except the machine is driving me fucking nuts. I don’t know if it’s user error (most likely) or the machine.

I’d thought about taking sewing lessons, and maybe it’s time I sucked it up and did it. The less the machine and I get along, the less interested I’m getting in making the fencing outfit…

and I don’t want yet another unfinished project on my to-do list…


Posted by Matty on 12/21 at 05:20 PM