Saturday, July 15, 2023

I do it by hand

The code in the back is beautiful. This? Not so much.


I am certifiable.

If my needing a shrinky dink and being heavily medicated wasn’t enough, I’ve decided to code my new web project BY HAND.

All I can say is THANK FUCK I have a local webserver on my Mac, because goddamn this thing is UGLY.

(Can I make a yo’ mama joke or is it as dated as hand coding a website? I kid… but I can I? Cause this is as ugly as yo’ mama.)


For the record, you cannot use a stylesheet in your HTML if the code is written:

< .link rel="stylesheetsds" href="KR_css/styles.css". >

Ask me how long I beat my head against the desk wondering why one simple line of css wouldn’t work.

Go ahead. ASK ME.

The answer is: too fucking long.

Thank you, Sophie, for your very helpful addition to my code.

In all seriousness, I border the shit out of everything so I can tell what’s what when it’s not placing properly. It was a habit I got into back in the day and it’s actually served me well in the past.

But, of course, nothing works if your cat decides to help you with the code. Because cats can’t type (or spell) for shit.

Also, this site has been borked in Chrome since the migration. I couldn’t figure it out because it wasn’t happening anywhere but my Mac (from what I can tell…)

Took forever to find what was causing the error.

My site was secure and that security was blocking the browsers from displaying the css. I had to unprotect my site through my antivirus software and wasn’t that fun? Now I get all kinds of error messages that my site isn’t secure…

I can’t win…

Posted by Matty on 07/15 at 01:29 PM
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