Saturday, May 16, 2015

Team Squirrel

i suppose there are weirder things to do than wander around a cemetery yelling “WALTER! WHERE YOU AT, WALTER?” but nothing comes to mind easily…

In case you need to know what the fuck I’m talking about / the relevance of a gravestone written entirely in cyrillic.


Whooo doggies.

I have this (bad?) habit of letting people back into my life when I probably shouldn’t. Sometimes, I’m just not meant to be friends with some people despite my stupid determination to do so. Aaaaand sometimes it takes me six or seven tries to rekindle relationships that are better left dead before I come to the inevitable conclusion that I am a dumbass and that I should let them go for good.

Of course, there are some people who remain in my life who probably shouldn’t be there. The inexplicable ones.

Exhibit one: Silk Shirt Boy, he of FNFTF fame… which I can’t remember writing about here, but the tl;dr version is that FNFTF is more along the lines of friends with benefits than anything else. We might have been the original poster children for FWB… At any rate, we were friends. We dated. We broke up. He broke my heart. We managed to stay friends. We fell into bed. We fell out of bed. We managed to stay friends. Now, after almost exactly twenty years without seeing each other, we went back to the Denny’s where it pretty much all began.

I can’t write about today without divulging too much that’s really nobody’s business, so let’s just say that I’m glad we took the chance and met up.



While I’m talking about things that happened today, I managed to have a whole conversation with my grandparents in Ukrainian. Granted, they didn’t answer, but I was able to tell them that I was learning Ukrainian and that I wanted to go to Ternopil to see where they used to live.

It wasn’t great Ukrainian, but it was Ukrainian. I was able to roll my R and make the hairball sounding noise just fine.

I haven’t really done much studying - too busy trying to get the hang of the new work schedule still - but I will be doing the italki challenge in June again. Hopefully, I can dust off my rusty vocab and be functional for those twelve hours…

I guess we’ll have to see.

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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Oi! Stop that!

the twelfth doctor, ladies and gentlemen

I can’t tell you what Harry Potter / circumcision rabbit hole I jumped down with both feet a few weeks ago - and fuck me if that isn’t possibly the weirdest sentence I have ever written in my entire fucking existence to this point - but there is a very nice picture out there of a totally nude Daniel Radcliffe. Who is uncircumcised. If you care about that sort of thing.

(And the voices in my head just started arguing that “If it’s good enough for the Chosen One, it’s good enough for me…” *shakes fist at anti-circ friends*)

For the record, don’t do Harry Potter fanfic research whilst trying to keep up with yet another argumentative thread on Facebook about circumcision, kids, it’s like… I have no fucking idea. Drunk googling probably couldn’t have gotten me to that picture even if it was my sole objective to turn the computer on.

So… Um…

Change of topic, yeah?

Hmmmm. What could I possibly say to top that little revelation?

Yeah, I got nothin’…

I like the new job a lot more now I’m able to play without much adult supervision. I’m finding a lot of things that the previous person(s?) hadn’t been doing, but that’s because I’m approaching this position from an accountant’s POV, not a dispatcher’s. That’s not a slam against the most recent person at all, because I actually like them, but they don’t have the accounting background to see these things and understand the impact they can have. They don’t care that I’m finding their mistakes, and I’m having a blast finding them.

Of course, we’ve already had to have the “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” chat, which is even more fascinating because I was told I wouldn’t like that person. I actually like them quite a bit.

You can graduate high school but you can never leave.

The best part of all this ridiculous drama is that EVERYBODY has decided they can talk to me about everyone else. It’s absolutely fascinating. I’m just sitting there, absorbing it all, and promptly forgetting it as soon as I get in the car.

I was nervous for a while that I had made the wrong choice, but eh… I’m going to be just fine there.

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