Saturday, February 28, 2015

WOO! People like me!

look at those stats!

So, I’m pretty impressed with the way the Harry Potter fic is doing. There’s a LOT of HP fic out there - it’s still one of the strongest fandoms - and for me to get as much attention as I am is pretty impressive (to me… I know there are other authors who have more kudos, comments, subscriptions on one fucking paragraph than I do combined, but I don’t care).

My whole three comments:
Aww, that was so cute

The point where they rested their heads on each other felt so warm, and when Draco walked away it was so sad :(  Please update [consistently]!

That was so sad. The longing and need in them both, just too stubborn to see it or admit it.

I’ve only published five out of the fifteen chapters, so there’s still a way to go and hopefully that will help spur interest as it moves forward.

Either way, as the Brits would say, I am chuffed.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The gateway fandom


“Harry Potter is like the gateway fandom. You start reading the books, and then all of a sudden, you have a Sonic Screwdriver, you’re carrying salt everywhere and awkwardly in love with Sherlock Holmes and you don’t really know how any of it happened, but you’re pretty sure it started because Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dursley of 4 Privet Drive were proud to say that they were perfectly normal thank you very much.” - found on tumblr

My first experience with fan fic was Harry Potter (Hermione / Snape, to be exact) and I have to admit, it was pretty upsetting. I decided that fan fic - while an absolutely fascinating concept - was just not for me. The pairings were weird, the settings were weird, it was just… weird. I felt dirty reading it.

Fast forward about six years or so, and I’m sitting in a room in a Boston hotel where a teenaged girl is obsessing over a thing she posted on some website called ‘tumblr’ that was getting hits in the high five figures.

(Draco Malfoy attended Fred Weasley’s funeral. He stood in the far back, careful not to be seen, and after he thought everyone had left, he lingered a bit. He’d never let on that he secretly thought the twins were quite funny, and he was truly sorry he’d been part of the reason that Fred died. He felt that way in regards to everyone that had been hurt and lost in the war, but he could barely get up the courage to go to Fred’s funeral, let alone anyone else’s. Draco would never tell anyone he was there, and George would never tell anyone he saw him cry, apologizing to a headstone.)

And… BOOM!

I became curious about fan fiction again, curious about tumblr, and life as I knew it would never be the same.

I never thought that everything would come full circle and I’d come back to Harry Potter fan fic.

But I did.

All that to say, I posted the first chapter of my quick little Drarry fic (the Draco POV version) on AO3 a few hours ago.

Commence freak out.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Found this in a horror novel, of all places, but it is the best description I’ve ever seen…

It was a strange feeling to lose your parents. It was the kind of deep, enveloping pain that only came with truly life-altering loss, but at the same time it was accompanied by a degree of emotional liberation. Being without parents was like taking the stabilisers off a bike; both exhilarating and frightening. It was the final challenge on the road to becoming a true adult, beholden to no one but oneself.—Iain Rob Wright (The Picture Frame: A Horror Novel)


OK. So Harry and Draco won’t let me go.

I decided to stop rewriting the shorter story with Draco’s POV. We see so much of Harry, that I figure Draco’s redemption is better seen through his eyes. So, two full works done. Two full works to edit… And I’m still itching to write MORE Drarry.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.


I found this and it made me wonder what is wrong with people. The fucking feels! (But again, I’m apparently a sucker for Slytherins and redemption.)



Something like 6+ FEET of snow outside, and its creating havoc at work because I won’t drive in when a State of Emergency is declared. Today it was business back to normal and I knew I should have turned around and come home, but I trusted that the roads would be OK… I almost got in what could have been a fatal car crash.

I’m fine. Honest. Not a scratch.

The accident never happened.

I’m really surprised that NOBODY got hurt, no damaged cars, nothing…

I’m assuming this is because my boss is tight with Dog and is praying that my ass can make it into work because we’re so far behind and all these snow days aren’t helping.

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