Thursday, June 12, 2014

Billy Joel’s a liar

SPOILERS: only the good die young, unless you’re a crazy-ass child of incest

Was that even English?

Eh. Close enough.

My goal is to be outside more this summer and not glued to a computer.

Which means I’ll be glued to my Kindle and (hopefully) plowing through the ridiculously large collection of “OH! I really want to read this!” books I’ve managed to build.

On that list:
The Fault in Our Stars (I got spoiled and didn’t want to read anything that would make me cry, so I’ve been putting it off)
The Game of Thrones series
... and a whole bunch of other shit I can’t even think of.

That’s not including my goal of all seven Harry Potters in Ukrainian.

And possibly The Hunger Games trilogy. Also in Ukrainian.

It’s a good thing I like to read and read fast.

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