Sunday, March 30, 2014

I need to get out more…

oh, series two, i miss you so much

Yesterday, in my quest to find Ukie podcasts and websites and music that I could use in an attempt to learn better / quicker / faster, I poured through Facebook and iTunes.

In addition to several albums whose covers I recognised when I was growing up (which were in my mother’s collection, but never played), I found Ukrainian ska.


So, yeah, I spent a few quid and downloaded the album. (Abusing my UK iTunes account - I didn’t think that the US store would have anything, so I didn’t even try. Thank you, Platypus!) (Holy crap… I really need to read fanfic based on American shit for a bit. I need to write fanfic based on American shit. I should probably lay off the BBC / BBC America combo, too. I think I need a twelve step program. Or a tier two visa. My anglomania is out of control.)

As I said on FB, I was really into ska (what’s considered the 3rd wave) in the 90’s, which is also about the last time I had any real exposure to my Ukrainian family. Oh, irony… or coincidence, whatever floats your boat.

I also joined a Ukrainian group on Facebook. There’s a nice mix of transliterated, Cyrillic and English on there. And - holy fuck - the Bing translations are twelve different types of awesome. Everything’s mostly political / local news right now, which is nice. The best part was that there’s been at least two conversations about tracking down relatives and citizenship. Both topics that are near and dear to my heart…

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long, but everything in it’s own time, I guess.


My adopted boys are playing The Evil Ones From The Outhouse On The Hill today.  Please, please, please let my boys win - a trip to the Frozen Four in Philly is on the line and I do not want those fucking bastards from Newton having a chance at another national title.

I’m really, really glad I didn’t put together a hockey bracket because it went to shit during the first night of the playoffs.

I might have done better with basketball this year, but I opted to keep my $10.

Oh well. Live and learn.


I watched both “Vincent and the Doctor” and “Doomsday” today, because I needed a good cry.

“Doomsday” didn’t do it for me for the first time in a gazillion rewatches, even though the lines “I’m burning up a sun to say goodbye” and “Rose Tyler…” get me every time, but “Vincent”? Fucking “Vincent”? The feels!!!! The ugly tears!!!!! Such a beautiful episode.

And… big surprise: “Vincent”? NOT a Moffat episode. Neither is “Doomsday”.

I’m still not sure about Capaldi, but I’m sure he’ll grow on me just like Matt Smith did.

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