Thursday, February 20, 2014


and the wisdom to remember that i am not a member of the psychotic side of the fandom

Blew that on my 2nd day of acknowledging my SuperWhoLockiness.



Two very real things that happened at work today (posted to FB, but saved here for posterity)

1) When told he was a “pain in the ass”, someone responded with “I’d like to think I’m a pleasure in the ass.”  [waits a beat]  “I probably could have phrased that better.”

Please note: Anal sex jokes are perfectly appropriate at work. Calling women a “See You Next Tuesday” is not.

2) Currently listening to the Marketing Manager and the Director of Finance having a VERY EMOTIONAL discussion (complete with name calling) over fast food restaurants.

I seriously laughed until I cried when I heard the MM tell the DoF “You’re a fucking moron. In-N-Out Burger.  What the fuck is wrong with you? Moron.”

If I haven’t said it enough: I LOVE MY FUCKING JOB!!!!!!!!! I don’t even have the words.

Yesterday, I was told that the game plan is for me to take over as DoF in two years. Really.

*happy dance*


Speaking of game plans…

I decided yesterday (?) that I was going to apply for Ukrainian citizenship on the off-chance they get their shit together and join the EU.  (Fucking Russians are in the way. If you need to know what I’m going on about: start here. Then, go here.)

If the Russians were to get out of the way, and the Ukraine was able to join the EU, I’d have my golden ticket to the UK again.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s a long shot, but if this whole citizenship adventure has shown me anything, it’s that I’m not afraid to put myself out there for crushing heartbreak if it means I’m closer to leaving the US.

It’s not like leaving my current job is an option. I’m too happy there to even think about leaving. Besides, I’m holding out hope that they finally get established somewhere among the EU member states and I get to relocate there.


I’ve decided that I am never going to write original fiction again.

Writing fan fiction is so much “easier”. I can still write my fucked up story lines, but I don’t have to do any character development.

I’m working on a new one because the four I already have started just aren’t enough, I guess. I had to add a fifth.


Our Regional Director of Finance is in the office this weekend, which means I’m in the office all weekend. Literally ALL WEEKEND.

I can’t believe I’m as excited about this as I am. I can’t wait to spend Saturday and Sunday with the RDoF. He’s hilarious. Added bonus: I get some much needed training! *happy dance*

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