Sunday, December 08, 2013

Basically just a rabbit…

i loved this soo much!

The fallout from the new series 3 trailer has been intense, so cue the adorable David Tennant and a bunny.

From the Mary Morstan hate, to the Harold hate (John’s stache has it’s own name. Shut up.), to the jumping out of the cake jokes, the BBC has killed us all.

Dude. Seriously. The shit on tumblr right now has reached Hellatus levels of crazy. I am loving every minute of it… even the stuff I’m not completely cool with.

All I can say is - the entire fandom seems to believe that Sherlock spent his years after the fall watching/checking in on John whenever he could, generally via Mycroft’s CCTV access, and we WERE WRONG. We were so. fucking. wrong.

I think it’s actually kind of brilliant that he doesn’t realise* John’s moved on with his life. It seems so perfectly in character despite every thing we saw in series 2. I mean, like without John to ground him, he reverts back to series 1 Sherlock, and I think that’s great.  (*Let’s save the Aspie!Sherlock conversation for later. I don’t really care either way.)

Some of the clips we’d seen before this were obviously taken out of context and seeing them placed in the narrative flow also destroyed about a thousand different head canons. The way Sherlock smiles in the restaurant? Maybe it’s because he does see John (and Harold), but I think it’s more the high after the deduction. (Hell yeah, bitch. Your wife’s going into labour. Called it. I’m back, fuckers!) Maybe I’m wrong… who knows.

I’ve watched it a zillion times already and I’ve already read half a dozen fan fics based on the trailer… I don’t know how I’m going to survive until January.

I seriously don’t.

Sherlock returns on the first and I start my new job on the second… it’s a double whammy from hell and I’m not the most patient person in the world… and I still don’t have anything to do during the days to distract myself.


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Welcome to my world

and there was much screaming, flailing, and rewatching

Because I’m so excited - and someone asked for a sneak peek - here’s day 4 of the 30 Day Johnlock OTP Challenge. It’s still a draft, so be gentle.

4 - One gets sick (a 221B)

“JAWN! JAWN! Lestrade just called! They pulled another headless body out of the Battersea Power Station! We need to go before Anderson contaminates the crime scene!” When John didn’t come running, Sherlock headed up to the older man’s room.

He opened the door carefully, took one look at the feverish doctor and decided that he’d stay home. John needed him. “Sh’lock? Gimme five minutes. I’ll be right down.”

Sherlock watched as he tried to sit up. “Don’t move, John.” He was at John’s side in two quick strides, and placed his hand on John’s forehead. “You’re burning up. What should I do?”

“Hot broth and paracetamol. There’s a can of chicken broth in the cupboard where I keep the teabags. All you have to do is empty the broth into a pot and and bring it to a simmer. You should know where to find the paracetamol.” He smiled weakly.

Sherlock reached out, brushing John’s fringe off his face. “I’ll be back. You just rest.” He pressed a kiss to John’s forehead before he left the room.

This case easily rated an eight on his scale. He really wanted to be at the crime scene, but John was more important than The Work. While he waited for the broth to warm, he texted Lestrade: “John’s sick. Staying home until he’s better.”

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