Tuesday, July 09, 2013

And honey… you should see me in a crown!

all the king’s horses couldn’t make me do a thing I didn’t want to… (unless it’s andrew scott. no need to force that!)

I got the 5th interview with the work-from-home accounting company.

Next Wednesday.

How the hell am I going to make it until then?

Fuck. Me.


OOOH! Look! I finally got off my ass and found a video with my favorite Moriarty line!


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Why can’t I let it go?

oh, nom, nom, nom

I’ve been obsessing over the work from home job since I hung up with the guy.

I keep checking my email for the request for the 5th interview.

For someone who is so sick and tired of being home alone all day, every day, this job keeps waffling between being fucking awesome and “oh my Dog I don’t want to sit at home another fucking minute.”

I know I need patience. I know I need to see what happens tomorrow.

I know I actually need a fucking offer before I can make up my mind.

But tell my head that.

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Under pressure…

oh god, that face!


My fourth (out of five) interview with the work from home place apparently went so well I should expect the fifth interview.

They’re in a hurry to hire and the guy actually asked me if I would accept an offer from another company or if I’d hold out for them.

Seriously, dude?


I told him that I didn’t know. I don’t have any offers yet so it’s kind of moot.

It comes down to commute, money and benefits. Since I’m working from home it’s not like I’d need to worry about personalities.

But I like the title at the hotel. I like the idea of leaving the house. I think the money may be better at the hotel.


I don’t know what I want more.

I really don’t.

I know… it sucks to have choices.

But, I may not have a choice.

It really comes down to whether or not I can charm the pants off of a VP tomorrow… Since I was passed over for an internal candidate, I’m a little afraid.

I had two different branches of a company fighting over me yesterday - Dorchester and Cambridge. (Neither one is really a desirable commute.)

I went back to their website and really dug in to it.

Uh. They’re really religious. REALLY religious. I’d completely forgotten about that.

I guess the email signed “God bless you” should have been a good hint.

Shit, I only applied because I was qualified and I feel like I need to hit a quota for unemployment.

I told them I’d accepted an offer that came in after I confirmed the one interview in Dorchester. I know. I’m evil, but I couldn’t deal with being that kind of hypocrite.

Morals, ethics, being a grown up…

it all sucks big hairy wanger.

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