Wednesday, June 26, 2013

That. Sucked.

Lestrade on a dino

who knew?

I don’t know whether to be amused or scared that if I were to get into a fist fight, the women I knit would would bet on me kicking the other person’s ass.

My dad’s the one that taught me how to fight (and I had practice when I was younger), but I haven’t had to in years. Is that like riding a bike?

You know what? I don’t really want to know.


I’ve noticed that Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares is two different shows depending on what market it’s aired in… If it’s the US version, he always does a make over. If it’s the UK version, he almost never touches the design of the restaurant.


I finally made the jump to EE 2, so this really isn’t anything more than a test entry. Woo!

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For every happy, there is a sad.


every day should have a little tennant on barrowman action

“In recent years, California‚Äôs Proposition 8 and the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act became symbols of anti-LGBT discrimination around the country and around the world. Today, both crumbled. In a watershed moment in the fight for equality, the United States Supreme Court today ruled to return marriage equality to California and to strike down DOMA.”

That makes me cry tears of joy… you have no idea how bad I’m bawling right now.


Of course, for every happy, there is a sad.

Like the interview I blew today.

This company makes you do an online assessment thing before they even consider you for an interview. You do it at home, comfortable, relaxed… and it’s easy. Relatively.

I’m not quite sure why it’s important to know which triangle comes next in a series, or what the counterpart of “bread is to food” is, but they stake their whole recruiting process on this test.

After you pass it once, you have to pass it AGAIN on site, before you get brought in for the actual in-person interview.

There is a big sign that basically prepares you to fail: You won’t finish this in the time required. Your score must be around the same as the at-home assessment or you can go straight home when you’re done. (Paraphrased, but it’ll do.)

I don’t do well at timed exams. I definitely don’t do well when I’m being set up to not do well. (Apparently, they have a very low pass rate.)

My on-site results were so vastly different from my at home results, they couldn’t be sure the same person took the two exams. 

So I got walked out before I could even talk to anyone and prove that I’m more than competent for this position.

There aren’t enough words in ANY language to describe how bad I feel…

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