Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You know you watch too much TV when…


twelve jammy dodgers… and a fez!

I had no idea I’d ever become THAT emotionally involved in a cooking show, but I’m sitting here crying at the finale of MasterChef UK.

I’m also starting to really get into Aston Martins. (Damn you, Top Gear!) I didn’t think I was really into cars - other than my beloved BMW 3 series - but I’m starting to really care about what May, Hamster and Jezza have to say about cars. I’m even getting less upset every time they insult Americans, the States, and Hammond. *grin*

It’s so bad, that every time they give a price in pounds, I’m doing the conversion to USD.

The sad thing is, I’m not really WATCHING the shows. I’m barely listening to them while I focus on my job search or fan fic.

I really think that I need to quit looking at local companies and focus 100% on companies with UK offices.

I guess I am really supposed to be in the UK during this phase of my life.

The magic question is how the fuck do I do that?!?

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Now is not the time, nor the place, jerk.


a glow in the dark bunny! named bluebell!

No walk today, but I don’t mind. Time to let the feet rest.

I stopped at Hannaford today to get some groceries - to get some of those meal bar things so I can get something in my belly during the challenge and some stuff for the worst blister. I was already tired and cranky because of… stuff, but I figured it would keep me out of the house for a little bit. Even cranky, I wanted some human contact.

What a bad idea.

I’m wearing my “We are Newtown” t-shirt because it felt like that kind of day. I was thinking about… stuff… and decided I would wear it to remind myself of… stuff… and to honor the dead.

The fact that I am wearing a t-shirt that brings to mind a terrible event that spurred yet another conversation about gun control does NOT mean it’s acceptable to bring up gun control in conversation with a total stranger.

I don’t really have a position on gun control, and I think I’ve said that before. That doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion about guns themselves.

And let me tell you, my opinion was the polar opposite of idiot person’s.

I made it clear I was uncomfortable. I made it clear this was not an appropriate discussion. I made it clear my friend’s kid was SHOT and DIED that day.

The fucking moron persisted. I’m pretty sure everyone within earshot was as uncomfortable as I was. Somebody on the Hannaford staff actually apologized.

I was so tempted to grab the grocery divider stick thing and beat them to a bloody pulp. (Did I mention I was tired and cranky?)

A shortened version of this is my status on FB right now, and it led one of my friends to comment that grocery stick divider things should be banned, too.

I think he’s right…

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