Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thank you, AO3 and FFN


i don’t even like star trek, but i’ve preordered stid… hng…

There are two types of fan fic writers…

The Amazing
But one day Greg asks. John can’t blame him for asking because they are a little drunk and alcohol is the bridge to things unexplored.  - this line makes me cry, it’s so beautiful. (It’s from a Sherlock fan fic called “Safety Guaranteed”, which is about how Sherlock’s coat is kind of his grown up safety blankie. It’s cute and not pr0n.)

The What THE FUCK Are They Smoking?
when sam lied down castiel started petting sams willy and then sam started petting deans willy and then dean petted casteils willy and it was like a happy willy petting zoo and they were all happy - atrocious spelling, lack of punctuation, etc. aside… a happy willy petting zoo?!?! (Author information withheld…)

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i needed more cumberpr0n

It’s like Supernatural day on tumblr, so I decided I needed some Cabbagepatch in my life.

I found out today that I was not qualified for three different jobs.

I found out today that the URGENT temp-to-perm was already filled.

A little girl ran over my foot playing with a toy car while I was waiting for my car to get serviced. Neither the mother nor the girl apologised, even though they were both aware of it. However, when my phone rang (company I applied to), the mother made a HUGE point of saying how rude it was for me to take a phone call in the waiting room. AS SOON AS I KNEW WHO IT WAS, I PACKED MY BOOK UP AND HIGHTAILED IT OUTSIDE SO THEY WOULDN’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME. I was in the waiting room for maybe a minute trying to figure out if it was a phone screen or a quick call to schedule an interview. But, yeah, I’m rude.

The best part? As they’re walking past me to their car, she mentions again how rude it was. She should be thanking her lucky stars that I was still on the phone, or she would have gotten an earful from me. (The actual best part? I used her bitchiness during the phone screen as an example of dealing with assclowns.)

Interview tomorrow.

Interview Tuesday.

Something better come along. Soon.

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