Thursday, May 30, 2013



someone else feels the same way i do!

I’m beyond gobsmacked. This is exactly how my Johnlock ends (well, kinda…). I want to know who is behind this and just love them, and hug them, and name them George. Although in my version Sherlock “proposes” (if you can call it that) instead of having Mycroft do it while John’s in Dublin. (Is that even possible? I thought both parties had to be there. Oh well, it IS Mycroft. Anything’s possible when you run the British Government.)


As I was putting my thank you notes in the mail for yesterday’s interviews, it dawned on me that I didn’t even bother to shoot off a quick email to any one who drove me nuts with the email interviews, web surveys, and phone screens. Part of me wonders if that’s borderline unprofessional and part of me wonders if I should even care. They’re “just” phone screens. The people I’m talking to have absolutely nothing more to do with the hiring process after making sure I’m still OK to pass on to the hiring manager. It’s a hard decision to make… but my guts say that most of the companies screening me just want to know what my salary requirements are and whether or not I’m interested in the commute. I don’t know if that justifies a thank you. What would I write? “Thank you for spending five minutes on the phone with me and then getting upset when I tell you that I’m over the range you want to pay.”


I don’t know… this job market sucks and I don’t want to look bad, but I just can’t get motivated to care enough to write even a one second email to someone who really has nothing to do with whether or not I get hired.

Oh well. It’s time to research for my next interview and then hit the road. When I get back, it’s time to start looking for some new places. If only to hit my quota with unemployment.

*double sigh*

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely hate being on a forced, unpaid vacation?

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What is WRONG with people these days?!?


mmmmm… benedork cucumberpatch

OK… this one is all R2D2’s fault. (Yeah, it’s growing on me.)

I *should* be researching/prepping for my two interviews tomorrow. But instead, I’m reading copious amounts of “Cabin Pressure” fan fic. (Research!!! Honest.)

R2’s reaction to proofreading my Johnlock fan fic has really brought on a huge happy which is diminishing the fear of making a bad job mistake:
I will be honest I haven’t finished it, but I think you are fooling yourself. You have the enthusiasm, more than I do that’s for certain, and the chops, you just need a little refining, and maybe a little more focus. Just constructive criticism. If writing is your passion, (which from what I read it clearly is) then what the eff are you waiting for? An invitation? Nobody’s going to give you one. In this business you have to go out and take it.

The problem with reading CP fan fic is that Martin’s character is such a sad sack that it’s really hard to make him even more pathetic. However, head canon within the fandom is FULL of different versions of Martin!Whump (those two words can be combined in any order, I guess, but at the end of the day, whump is whump). I guess he needs a ridiculous amount of whump in his life to make Marlas so believable? I don’t know… I’m having the same problems with Marlas as I do with certain versions of Johnlock head canon. But even Marthur drives me up the wall.  I get that Martin needs to be rescued - from himself, from life in general - but there’s no need to take such a pathetic person and have to give him such an appalling back story, no matter who comes to rescue him.

The other thing that REALLY bothers me is Cabinlock (Sherlock/Cabin Pressure). Honestly, I can handle the thought of wincest better than I can handle thinking about Cabinlock. The idea of Martin (gingerbatch) getting it on with Sherlock (brunettebatch) is… what was the word I used earlier? Squitchy. Yeah. Squitchy times a billion infinities.

I guess since the muse gave me a great idea in the shower this morning, I’m going to start writing it… but I’m going to have to charge off in my own direction again. Sometimes, I’m a little surprised by my fellow fans, and I really didn’t think there was anything left that could surprise me…

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i can’t believe how true this comment is…

My interview this morning was with a company I was a little, um, squitchy over. I wasn’t sure it was going to be a good place to work because I’d heard some bad things about the amount of turnover and they don’t advertise/have a website. How am I supposed to interview with only a job description? I don’t like going in blind.

I’m happy about the interview - and I was pretty much guaranteed a second - but there’s that little voice in my head that’s saying “DANGER! WILL ROBINSON! DANGER! DANGER!” I had an idea about how badly the temp-to-perm disaster affected me, but apparently I’m doubting EVERYTHING. It’s like I’m afraid to have an offer extended to me because I’m terrified to make the wrong choice again.

The guys I spoke with were pretty detailed over WHY there was so much turnover in the accounting department. I didn’t even have to bring it up. We talked about the bad google search results, but I expected their responses based on the industry they’re in. It’s kind of like working for a restaurant - only the people they piss off talk about their experiences. This company’s industry is all about pissing people off. Seriously. Oddly enough, I’m OK with that. I know what they do. I know how it works. I’m not surprised by the amount of people they piss off. (Honestly, I’d be shocked if people were all, “OMG! I lurve them! I had the best experience! They were so gentle when they cut my fingers off!” OK. Gross exaggeration…)

There’s a lot to like about the position. Pay. Commute. People. Possibilities to grow. Dress code. Hours. A whole lot. Did I mention the salary and flexible hours? I love the idea that I’m on the low end of what they’re offering. LOW END. And that I can be in at 7 and out at 3. Who wouldn’t, right?

It’s not an international company, though. I do have an interview with one tomorrow though… also close to home.

I don’t know. I’m still waiting to hear from other companies I think I’d like to work for.

As much as I don’t want to be unemployed, I’m also not sure I’m ready to take another job.

I wish I knew how to get past my fear…

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What is it with me and guys named Rick?!


click to embiggen!

I’m still using web words from like a thousand years ago, aren’t I? *sigh*


I’ve been in phases where all I’ve dated were Mikes. Where too many of my friends were Jims. And now I’m onto Ricks.

Silent P is awesome and he’s really the only reason I’m sad about quitting the Muchachos… I miss him. A lot. Too much. Time to do that reach out thing (that we all know I do so well).

R2D2 (? I dunno. Trying it out.) is also awesome in that he’s pushing me past my comfort zone.

I don’t know why the universe has me ‘collecting’ Ricks now, but I sure am thankful!

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I know that this is vitriol, no solution, spleen venting…


oh, whovians, you are full of awesome

Today has been full of highs and lows.

I scheduled two interviews today, so that makes three this week. (WOOOO!)

At the same time, I’m getting a lot of feedback that employers are worried about my commute. (BOOOOOOO!)

I’ve been applying for jobs almost exclusively in Massawhozits lately. There’s not much in NH that will pay me what I need to make, and honestly, all the cool jobs are down south. Most of them are within an hour’s drive from here.

I’m not going to lie about being concerned about the commute. It’s a HUGE concern, but it’s something I’ve got to come to terms with if I’m going to get a job there.


<.begin temper tantrum>

It’s frustrating the hell out of me because it’s not their choice… Don’t they think I’ve agonized over EVERY. SINGLE. Boston area job I’ve applied for? Is Cambridge too far? Billerica? Peabody? Quincy? Watertown? Waltham? How am I going to get there from here?

If you don’t believe how much I’ve thought about this commute, just look at my Mapquest history… EVERY. SINGLE. CITY. from here to (almost) the South Shore has either been Mapquested or I’ve planned the trip on the MTBA’s website before I even send out my resume. Let me say that again… BEFORE I EVEN SEND OUT MY RESUME.

I’d freaking kill for the political group job, and I know I’ve talked about the commute. I know I’m worried about the commute right now. I’m wondering if it’s worth it. I know, I know, I know… if I’m not sure I want to take the chance, why should they?

But let that be MY choice.

I’d rather they come out and tell me that I’m too expensive - I mean, there’s a reason they’re asking that first, right? - then to tell me after phone screens, interviews, web surveys, and whatever fresh forms of hell are out there for the job seeker, that they don’t like the commute.

It’s not like the fact I live an hour north is a secret. It’s literally the third line on my resume. If it’s going to be a problem, they’ll know right away. It’s not fair to waste my time on all this stuff if they’re going to write me off because of my zip code.

It pisses me off a metric shit ton because they decide it AFTER they talk to me, after they get my hopes up…

and it’s not fucking fair.

<./end temper tantrum>

In other news, there’s always that new friend who says something - without even meaning to - that gives you moments of Teh Happy when you need it.

AWESOME NEW FRIEND: I was teaching a class at the local Community College on Creative Writing. You wouldn’t believe how bad they were, so I’m sorry if I have a pre-disposed notion of how people write.

ME: I guarantee if you dig into my blog, you’ll be disappointed.

Generally I’m a pretty decent writer. I took a few writing courses and always did very well in them.

ANF: I can see why. Your structure is excellent and so is your grammar.

(I’m pretty sure he still hasn’t stopped by here, even though he knows where to find me… He’d take that back in a heartbeat. *grin*)

I need to find me some more laughing/giggling/smileybatch…


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