Monday, May 13, 2013

Fizz! Buzz! ‘Ave a banana!



Parts like this are EXACTLY why “Cabin Pressure” has become my New Favorite Thing.

I listened to all four series and the Christmas Special this past weekend when I drove to Albany and back… and we’re not even going to talk about how many times I’ve listened to bits and pieces of it since it fell on my radar.

Here’s a link to it on tumblr so you can hear the audio.

When people ask me why I love SPN…


this is one of my favorite scenes. ever.

I started watching Supernatural because, well, two hot boys!

Then, the show turned into something more than just an hour of tv a week…

The fan base became a family. A sometimes dysfunctional family, but still a family.

We’ve moved mountains when we’ve needed to: winning awards for the cast, raising thousands for charities the cast believes in, sending metric ass-tons of rubber ducks to Vancouver just because we can, and following Misha Collins on a journey of creativity never before imagined. Did I mention we pissed Twitter off? (I can’t remember now, but I think the hashtag was #LuciferIsComing.)

Then, I attended two SPNCons…

I was actually moved to tears at BOSCON when I saw how much actors who were on like one episode appreciated the fans. And we love them back. We miss them. We start petitions to have them return to the show.

When I get upset, lonely, depressed, etc. SPN offers me an escape by allowing me to follow two brothers whose lives are much more fucked up than mine. Maybe that’s shitty, but at least I take pleasure from watching fictional characters suffer instead of people.

The writing too - the writing on this show is amazing. On tumblr, the SPN fandom plays a lot of “is this actual dialogue or not?” We also play “is this a scene or a gag reel outtake?” (Hint: it’s almost ALWAYS from the show, never a gag reel.)

While I’m on the topic of the writing… Destiel, dude. Fucking Destiel. There was a lot of wank about a fan’s treatment at NJCON this year because they brought up bisexuality during Jensen’s panel. The question was never heard by Jensen - the fan was yanked out of line specifically because talking about Destiel makes him uncomfortable. It’s not that he, personally, is uncomfortable with homo/bisexuality, but he’s uncomfortable with the way the fandom obsesses over his character’s relationship with another male character. (And let’s not even bring up wincest. It’s exactly what it sound like. *shudders*)

I don’t care who you are, or what you’re into, but if you watch the relationship between Dean and Castiel develop over the seasons… dude, that’s love right there. Regardless of what the fandom does with it, that is some serious bromance. It’s such an important part of the mythology of the show, it’s become canon and occasionally, the writers, Jensen and Misha will toss the fandom a bone. It’s never been more clear than it was during last week’s episode. Cas buys Dean a pr0n mag and goes postal on a store clerk because he doesn’t have any pie. (Dean and pie, man, that’s another OTP… to be dissected on another day.)

I’ve been watching the marathons on TNT every morning while I look for a job. After I do that, I get on tumblr and spend time with my SPN family.

It makes me feel better, not that much can right now, but it does a little bit.

I’ll take what I can get… and did I mention? Two. Hot. Boys.

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