Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.


yep. the milk. it’s practically a thing.

Remember that Johnlock fanfic culture thing I posted a few days?

I’m proofreading my Johnlock brOTP fan fic and what do I spy with my little eye?

John looked around the kitchen and saw all new appliances. The old ones were piled in the corner, each one neatly labeled “EXPERIMENTS ONLY.” Sherlock was sitting at the table calmly eating a scone, a mug of tea at his side. “I did some shopping. I hope you didn’t want to pick anything out.”

John opened the fridge. There wasn’t a single body part in there. Just food. And milk. Lots of milk. He fought to keep the smile from taking over his face. “No. It’s fine. I’m just completely gobsmacked.” He turned to the cabinets and drawers, opening each one in turn. “New silverware, even.”

“I replaced everything. Even scrubbed the shelves and cupboards.”


Sherlock bought some fucking MILK.

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The Brits may hate apples, but the Doctor FUCKING loves him some bananas.


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Cabin Pressure meets Doctor Who

It’s like the British have something against apples…

Exhibit# 1:
Arthur: Apples!

Douglas: Ah, no, please spare us the crisp crunch of the first bite of an apple.

Arthur: No, no, of course not, no one really likes apples. That would be like liking… wood.
- Cabin Pressure: Fitton

Exhibit # 2
I hate apples. Apples are rubbish. - Eleven

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My demons include a ruck filled with four bricks…


oddly fitting (which i originally spelled as oodly. no more doctor who for me.)

GORUCK published a training guide and a post-Challenge review. Here’s the light version’s review.

THIS is what I’m in doing in July.

This makes me feel slightly more psychotic than I usually do.

The best part of all this?

If I survive the Light, I’m going to do the full-on Challenge towards the end of the year.

Then, I think, I’m going to retire… but who knows?

Although, if one more person tells me I’m going to die trying and I definitely wouldn’t survive a Tough Mudder, I just going to laugh at them. I’m not interested in doing a Tough Mudder and it’s not that I’m afraid of them. It’s just not my thing. I’m going to figure out how to survive this. I still haven’t figured out how, but I’m going to survive it.

I still can’t explain why the GORUCK challenge is so important to me, but it is.

I’ve been married to that damn ruck since it arrived and I’ve filled it with my bricks. I honestly can’t recommend walking around with a ruck filled with bricks, but I can tell you, I’ve never had a bag break in nearly as quickly. It’s VERY comfortable to wear.


After all my tumblr/Cumberbatch obsession here, it feels weird to write a personal entry. But here’s a personal one for you. I hope you enjoyed it…

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