Thursday, May 02, 2013

Touchy subjects…


tinker tailor soldier batch

I really need to watch that… it’s been on the TiVo FOREVER.


My favorite recruiter - the one working harder for me than anyone else - found a position that is, in every way, shape, or form, perfect for me.

Except that it’s at Sig Sauer.

I don’t do guns.

I just don’t.

And my reasons are ridiculously personal.

It goes against everything I am. Everything I believe in.

I don’t care that I’m not my job.

I don’t care that guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

As one person said to me: “The only other subject I’ve known you to be so touchy about is alcohol.”

I told him to put two and two together. Then I told him something I’d NEVER told anyone before.

I pointed out that for everything I’m so open about, there’s several I refuse to talk about.

This is one of those things.

I’m not going to work there.

I don’t care what it means for us financially because I’d hate myself every single day.

And I can’t live like that.

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You lose.


his smile never fails to make me smile…

Aw… smiley Star Trekbatch. The ONLY reason I’m going to sit through the new Star Trek movie…

My friend, K, posts lots of parenting stuff on Facebook and one of today’s topics was about helicopter parents. The moral of the story is to leave your kids alone and let them fail.

I had to comment on the post - it was too perfect to pass up. “Judging from the number of times my father uttered the phrase, “We’re playing a game and it’s called ‘You Lose’.”, my younger years were FULL of fail.”

That, of course, got me thinking about all the failing I did.  And holy shit. My younger years being chock full o’ fail really isn’t an exaggeration. Not at all.

I said a couple of days ago that I went back through all my old journals. It’s all there in black (blue, purple, red, green, even pink) and white. In journals covered with stickers of local indie bands. In journals covered with headlines and snarky comments carefully cut out of magazines. In journals filled with ticket stubs, crappy drawings, and crappier story ideas. In journals filled with enormously impossible amounts of teenaged angst. In journals that show a clear progression of love, loss, hatred, more hatred, mania, depression, and some - but not a lot - of healing.

I’m not going to go into the details of what I’d like to call my ‘greatest hits’, but trust me. If I were a musician, they’d fill a 10 CD box set. At the very least.

The last time I saw my father alive, he said everything I ever needed to hear. He let me know, rather vaguely, that there were times when I actually won the game of “You Lose” because I learned my lessons. Maybe we had to play the same round several times (might have had something to do with my small addiction to ‘bad boys’... yeah. definitely did.), but the lessons were eventually learned.

If I ever lost my mind and decided to have kids, I know I’d be playing “You Lose” with them as well.

Is it the best way to parent? Probably not…

But I can guarantee you, it teaches kids a LOT about the real world.

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I love Kim Rhodes. Like REALLY love her.

I have recently become aware of a weird cultural war going on between those who have children and those who choose not to. For some reason, individuals in the former camp are making it their mission to convert those in the latter. “Have children!” they are championing. “It’s the best decision you can make! You’re selfish if you don’t! It will complete your life! HAVE A FUCKING KID!” I am here to tell you, don’t have a child if you don’t want a child. Don’t. It will destroy you as you know you, and if you don’t want one, the sacrifice won’t be worth it.

While most of the SPN cast I’ve met at cons are the sweetest people ever, I’ve never met anyone like Kim. She’s just awesome. Overly awesome. (And she needs to come back to the show!!!!!)

If you don’t read her blog, you really don’t know what you’re missing. This is probably my favorite blog entry of hers - and I’ve loved lots of them - because she says exactly what I’m thinking about this “culture war”.

I’ve been more open about the bipolar than I’ve ever been about getting my tubes tied, the decision NOT to have kids, and basically, my complete and utter disdain for most children. Some break through, like L, but for the most part, kids skeeve me out.

I don’t have whatever IT is that makes other people go “OH! BABY!” If I go “OH! BABY!” then you’ll know I’m drunk off my ass.

And, of course, the likelihood of that ever happening is zilch.

So, yeah, babies: bad. My crush on Kim Rhodes: out of control.

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