Monday, March 04, 2013

I’ve never cried so hard reading anything before


i hate you, cumberbatch, for making johnlock so believable

You know how you have those days where you just need to bawl like a baby, but nothing makes you sad enough to get there? Guaran-fucking-teed this will. You don’t even have to watch Sherlock to understand…

Read this:

Fanfic: Alone on the Water

And then click play on this:


If the one-two punch of that doesn’t get you…


(Those are real tears on Cumberbatch’s face… Martin’s performance was that good. BAD HEDGEHOG! BAD!)

As the kids say on tumblr:


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Someone is new here…



This. GIF. Set. Is. Killing. Me. OMFG.

This is what happens when the Sherlock fandom has too much time on their hands… Thank Dog series three is on the way!

Although… truth be told, the Sherlockians are handling the multi-year hiatus better than the Supernatural fans are handling a month long hellatus. And it’s TOTALLY not our fault Martin leaks video of himself. He knows how certifiably insane Sherlockians are. I mean, REALLY. We all know he follows the johnlock tag on tumblr.


In other news, I don’t like being unemployed without the promise of something new coming soon… tumblr has really become my savior when I feel like my head’s going to explode.

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Friday, March 01, 2013



every day should have a little gingerbatch in it.

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