Sunday, March 24, 2013

It’s a thing. Really.



I swear, I’m creating a new genre of Sherlock fan fiction… brOTP!Lock.

I started writing my own fanfic last night after reading about a gazillion fanfics that took something sweet and turned it into something disgustingly fluffy or something annoyingly smutty. Not everything needs to be romanticized or made truly dirty.

For example, I see stuff like this:


and I don’t necessarily see it in a sexual light. In fact, it reminds me of one of my little brothers and I curling up on the couch to watch movies together. He used to put his head in my lap, and I used to play with his hair. There was nothing sexual about it. There was nothing romantic about it. It was just two friends doing something that felt right to them. It happens.

So… I can imagine putting this into my fanfic and have it be completely normal.

It’s just a shame that some of the fandom needs to twist it into something else.

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Well, I am still photoblogging


the sherlock fandom makes the best gifs

The whole idea behind this blog was that it was supposed to be a less personal, more family friendly, photoblog. It was supposed to serve as the yang to That Other Blog’s yin… and somewhere along the past six years, it’s kind of lost its way.

Now, it’s become a spot where I dump some of my favorite tumblr stuff and obsess over British TV shows. Oddly enough, I’m OK with that. Any blog I’ve ever written has always been a place that reflects where my head is at at any given point in time (and generally uncensored, which always made life interesting). I’m sure in a few years, I’ll look back at the archives and be all ‘what the fuck’, but for now, it’s a good time capsule of where my head was at during my latest ‘dark’ period.

I can’t / won’t talk about my former employer here… but I can tell you that towards the end, I had been working on my exit plan. They just beat me to it. The last few months were a bit not good…and it definitely showed by my obsession with fan fiction, with Doctor Who and Top Gear marathons, with watching the same


five Sherlock episodes over and over and over, and spending way too many hours on my Superwholockian tumblr account. WAY TOO MANY HOURS.

I’m starting to claw my way back out of it. Losing my job without a new one to jump to made life a lot worse and not having the people I thought I could count on there for support made it worse. Thankfully, other friends stepped up and kept me as sane as possible. Which is to say, not very sane. BUT. NJ, MKS and MM helped more than I’ll ever be able to thank them for. So if you’re reading this, you three, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Eventually, this blog will shift back to being more personal, more photobloggy (with my photos). I don’t have a time frame, but I know it will return to what it used to be as soon as I do.

Thanks for sticking around.

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