Friday, March 08, 2013



it all makes sense now…

After being worked on by two separate people, I decided to go back to the Muchachos on a very short term basis. Basically, the two parades and then I’m out again. Someone’s silence on the whole thing spoke volumes… hence, one (well, two) and done.


Yesterday, I scheduled two interviews back to back. One is closer to home, but in MA, and has a UK office. The job - the way it’s described is kind of ‘eh’ - but if there’s a possibility of growth… The UK office is nice, but it’s not enough of a reason to take an ‘eh’ job, you know?  The other is a national retail firm, about 45 minutes away, but has a very interesting job description. The retail company will make a decision on Monday after my interview… Tuesday at the latest. Hopefully interview #1 goes well enough so that I can make an educated decision on whether or not I should hold off on an offer from there. Salary is also going to be a big sticking point - less to equal money at the retail company, or whatever the MA company gives me.

I don’t want to take a job just to take a job, but I don’t want to remain out of work, either. I’m not bred to stay home…


Martin Freeman was on the Graham Norton show last night (in Europe) for Red Nose Day. Graham decided to flash some of the more, uh, interesting fan art. Martin’s reaction was so calm that you knew he had to have seen them before. (He must stalk the johnlock tag on tumblr… he knows too much about the fandom and what we’re capable of! He mentioned the hedgehog and otter in an interview!)

There’s definitely a homoerotic subtext to the show, but I ship Johnlock for the friendship aspect. The love between them is obvious, and despite the fact that Sherlock comes out and says that women are not his area and John keeps pointing out (rather aggressively) that he’s not gay, I could definitely ship the shit out of the romantic/sexual aspect, but that doesn’t do much for me. It’s a much better story when you realize that Sherlock does fall deeply in “love” with John when he realizes that not only will John put up with his shit, he actually cares for him. I mean, he’s killed people to protect Sherlock. John’s really the only one in Sherlock’s life to do so… which makes it all the more impressive because their bond is so instantaneous, it happens in the very beginning of the pilot episode.

As series two goes on, you can see Sherlock kind of getting softer and lets his love of John actually show. I think the ashtray scenes in “Scandal in Belgravia” kind of drives that point home:


I’m not a big fan of the running jokes about Sherlock and John becoming a couple, but if they were to become a romantic version of Johnlock, it’d be so far out of canon it would be just wrong. John’s supposed to get married (to a woman). At least he does in the books. I know Moffat and Gatiss stray from canon for the sake of the story because they do need to be updated to fit current events and the technology available to the pair, but…

I don’t know.

All I know is that I need to shovel the driveway again, and Guinness is freaking out. Time to go play outside!

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