Saturday, February 09, 2013

Oh, if this were tumblr…

I just got an email from a friend telling me that they don’t like my ‘new’ blogging style.

Cue reaction gif:


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And the Cumberbitch era begins…


the six stages of becoming a cumberbitch


Running away from my problems (the temporary solution) has resulted in a definitely unhealthy obsession with tumblr and the beauty of Benedict Cumberbatch.

See also: Sherlock. That damn opening credits sequence really makes me want to run to London and never come back.


*shakes fist at BBC America and Netflix for ruining my life*

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Lesson learned. Water is not canine self-serve at this house.


guinness’ big day out :: march 23, 2012

I don’t have very many pictures on my MacBookPro, hence the tumblr spam… but I did find this piece of wonderful.

I took that day off because I saw ‘The Hunger Games’ at midnight. Boy Wonder requested my presence at work for ‘an hour, max’. So I put Guinney in the crate and went in.

THIS is the aftermath of what I came home to.

Someone was thirsty, got out of the crate, and got himself some water. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to stop the flow of the water once he turned it on.

All of those towels were SOAKED. And I had to get more.

Thankfully, he hasn’t pulled that crap since that day…

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