Thursday, October 04, 2012

Stabby Tam is stabby

I vented on FB about those stupid breast cancer memes that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with breast cancer and everything to do with being immature and stupid. (Post your shoe size and how long it takes to do your hair. PS - don’t tell the boys!)

I pissed off one person extremely badly… and I wish I gave two shits about their feelings. Telling me that you have a friend who died of breast cancer, yet engaging in this stupidity, seems contradictory to me. Wouldn’t you want to make sure your other friends do what they need to so that you possibly don’t lose any more friends to breast cancer?

Then, the final straw, and the one that made me delete the status before I went on a complete rampage was when I was told that “it’s just FB, chill out”. (I’m paraphrasing here, but it’s close to the actual quote.)

Apparently, getting upset over the endless stream of this bullshit in my news feed and getting inundated with messages to engage in this stupidity, means I’m taking FB too seriously. Um, no. I just want stuff with substance in my news feed.

I’m going to be changing up a lot of my security settings and probably defriending a lot of people over the weekend… if they thought they were pissed off over a status, I’m curious to see how they take a defriending.

I have a tumblr account if I want to see stupid internet memes ad nauseum. I don’t need to see that shit on FB.

Posted by Matty on 10/04 at 02:52 PM