Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wishes do come true

At WendyandMark’s wedding, we made wishes on those lantern thingies…

Mine came true.

Holy mother of fuck, did it come true.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Three boys…


wendyandmark :: clifford, mi :: july 14, 2012

Even though I’m feeling a lot better about life (no anxiety or heart issues for a few weeks now!), our long weekend in Maine kind of threw me for a loop. I’ve been surrounded with some weird memories, resurfacing at weird times, all centered around my father and Maine, and the trip almost broke me. Maine’s too sacred a place to go to when I’m off my game.

That said, I’ve had three very different men rock my world in very positive ways in the same week. Sometimes, you just need a reminder of who you are, and why you include these people in your life.

1) An email from the boss after I joked about him searching for my replacement during my first vacation in two years:

If the road to replacing you starts with “know a recent college grad looking for his or her first gig out of school?,” given the complexity of your job and the work that you do, you should be safe for twenty years! smile


2) From an ex-boyfriend’s response to my comment on his FB status:

I want you to know that you never did me any wrong, and although my behavior may have said otherwise, I never held any ill feelings towards you. I thought you were crazy (GRIN),but who of the people we hung out with wasn’t?

If I never said it before, I am sorry for the way I treated you when I bounced in and out of your life. I offer no excuses for my behavior in the past.

3) From The One I Should Stay Away From:

You played a large part in saving my life.



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