Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am me… for better or worse.


red dress :: nubble light :: may 27, 2012

My original photo shoot got screwed up by work (big surprise), so I dragged J out with me this morning.

He’s definitely not a photographer, and I’m definitely not a model, but we made it work. A little.

The Nubble is a sacred place to me and since I couldn’t do the Boston Public Garden, it felt like the right place. I love that he got this shot… I was sitting there thinking about my dad and what he would think about this whole thing.

You can’t see the other two talismen on me: my chucks and my mockingjay pin. But they were an important part of this.

I went out there and felt incredibly ridiculous - the insecurity was out of control - but my favorite picture is actually the one where I almost fell off the rock I was sitting on. (Maybe in another post…)

Of course, me in a corseted ball gown was just asking for a boob shot. You know it’s a good one when you get a dirty message from an unexpected source. I may or may not be blushing a little bit over here.

The shots aren’t beautiful, well composed, and don’t really show my face at all, but they capture me:

Clumsy, introspective and gifted with a halfway decent rack.


Posted by Matty on 05/27 at 03:50 PM