Sunday, March 25, 2012

How long have I been blogging?

I’ve read Christine’s blog on and off since she’s been online. Hell, I remember when she chose the name Big Pink Cookie!

Like most of us old school bloggers, we have a lot of online friends in common and most of us are Facebook friends with each other. Well, Christine is a professional photographer now, and posted on Erika’s (the former Snazzykat) Facebook wall that she was going to be in Boston in May.

I sucked it up, sent Christine a FB message, and BAM!

I have my Red Dress photoshoot with a photographer I don’t know, haven’t yet met, but I feel like I know her pretty well and as a result, I trust her immensely. May is going to take forever to get here.

God bless teh interwebs.

Posted by Matty on 03/25 at 06:03 PM