Monday, December 12, 2011

And it’s funny how…

“upstate” :: black mountain symphony @ mocha maya’s :: 2011

On my drive back from Oneonta, when I wasn’t thinking about The Thing or American Horror Story OR the Evan Peters look-alike… oh hold on. Gotta at least blog about him:

I practically lost my shit when I saw that kid - he looked like the dorky, young Evan Peters, from like “Phil of the Future” - and he was a fan of the band. If that had been the real Evan Peters, I would have been all like “J who?” Hey, it’s not cheating if they’re on the list, right?

Much better.

So, yeah, when I wasn’t thinking about those things, I was thinking about when Bear said he was going to start scheduling shows in the most obscure places to see if I’d show up. (I know a challenge when I hear one. Game on, Bear. Game. Fucking. On. )

That, of course, led to me crashing with Annie and Charlie for the second time and the deep conversations I’ve had with Annie, Rollz and Orion.

While I’m not part of the true inner circle, I have begun to feel like I’m part of them on some level. It’s just an offshoot of my passion for indie music. Thankfully, in this case, my passion and devotion to them is rewarded with hugs and secrets told in dark corners. The last time I got in this deep with a band, it ended badly for me.

I get nervous about that happening again. A lot.

But that’s not going to stop me from doing what I do…

It doesn’t matter how far I drive, or how shitty I feel. The second I walk into the venue, I feel like I’m surrounded by my family.

Seriously, even the girlfriends are happy to see me.

I’m in a schmoopy place to begin with because of the letter from YouKnowWho… but god, do I love those kids.


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