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misha collins :: spn boscon, boston, ma :: august 7, 2011

I have so much to write about to SPN’s Boscon that it’s scary… but lately, I’m too busy reading books. Well, they’re actually torture pr0n novellas on the Kindle, but they’re GOOD torture pr0n novellas. Assuming, of course, you’re into that. I can’t watch TP, but I don’t mind reading it… I don’t know why. That damn Kindle is my best friend. I’m reading classics (found for free), equipment/software manuals, books, and TP. I actually wasn’t reading as much as I would have liked to before the Kindle came along because books are a pain in the ass. Don’t get me wrong, I love the feel of a book in my hands, and I LOVE the smell of a book - the paper, the ink, it’s like heaven - but I don’t need a thousand bookshelves anymore and I can take 15 books with me on a trip. Which actually came in handy when I couldn’t sleep during Boscon and had really bad ADHD. I think I read a few pages of each one Friday night trying to come down from the awesome karaoke party.

Work’s been really good for a long time. Hiring D was one of the best things that could have happened to my main company. I’m in a good place workload-wise. I actually feel good about taking a long weekend this weekend to do nothing. Absofreakinglutely NOTHING. We had plans, but I think the rain is going to cancel all of them. Whatever. I’m all about 4 days or torture pr0n and never putting on pants. WOOOO! Pantsless weekends rock!

Guinness is doing well… we had to invest in doggie day care for him. He’s got too much energy for us when we get home from work. Plus, I’ve been working crazy hours so that I can disappear to Boscon or take a four day weekend. It’s just mean to keep him in the crate that long. He’s a much different dog than the other two, and we’re being more careful about how we’re raising him. Apache is difficult for several reasons and some of them are our fault. We’re not going to make those mistakes again.

Facebook, in general, is annoying me. So help me god, if I see one more “repost this status” FB status message, I am driving across the country and punching each and every one of those assholes in the nose. I’m also sick of the political statuses. I don’t rub your face in my tree hugging, bleeding heart, tax and spend MA liberal nonsense, keep your conservative/Republican bullshit to yourself.

And now for my moment of zen: Chad Lindberg’s balls in Matt Cohen’s face. Yeah. You read that right. Backstory to come…

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