Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crap self-generates; it doesn’t self-destruct


d, v, m :: zen bar, somewhere in ct :: 2008?

Got fed up the other day with my workflow processes… I need to reduce drag. Bouncing in and out of five different companies all day is exhausting.

So, because the David Allen Company got into my head and noticed that I needed a swift kick, they decided to send me an email about a GTD live set that I’ve been drooling over. To let me know it’s 50% off. I renewed my GTD Connect membership, busted out my copies of GTD, Ready for Anything, and Making it All Work, and bought the set.

I am ready to hop back on the GTD bandwagon, drink the kool-aid, whatever you want to call it.


I’ve got next Thursday and Friday off of work - my last day off was the Friday before my birthday, but I’ve been working myself sick since then. I’m thinking about a road trip, or two. I’m thinking about sleeping. A LOT. I’m thinking of LEGO Pirates on the XBox, but mostly, I’m going to trust in my system and enjoy my well-earned four days of freedom.

Posted by Matty on 05/15 at 09:53 PM