Thursday, September 02, 2010



ucamb trombone player :: the rent, east hartford, ct :: september 26, 2009

I’ve been reflecting a lot on my days in college and, more specifically, as a member of the UConn Marching Band drumline lately. I’m not sure what caused this need to walk down memory lane, but right now, I’m kind of grateful for it.

I’m doing something I once swore I’d NEVER do after I graduated college… I’m traveling to an away football game. 

So, yeah, you heard it here: Ms. I Hate Football With a Holy Passion is traveling to The Big House for the UConn/Michigan game.

Of course, my return to Ann Arbor is more about eating at BD’s Mongolian BBQ and seeing my fellow crazy UCMB friends, but I’m still headed to Michigan. For a football game.

Expect pictures. Of the band.

What? Did you think I was going there to see the football game?!?!?

When times shall have severed us far, and the years their changes bring, the thought of the college we love in our memories will cling. For friendships that ever remain, and associations dear, we’ll raise a song, to old Connecticut, and join our voices in our long cheer…

And just because I can - For Vizma:

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