Saturday, August 21, 2010

Interspecies erotica


pony and his special friend, moo :: da ‘brook, nh :: march 20, 2010

I gave someone one of my personal networking cards. It has this blog’s URL on it and it’s not really someone I’d want reading this.


I keep this blog clean for a reason - for when I do stupid things like that.


We got Chinese for dinner tonight. Wouldn’t you know, my fortune had to say, “When things are getting you down, turn to work.” Uh, WTF?!? Work is what’s bringing me down. Seriously?

Well, a picture of Pony making new friends always lifts my spirits. How can you look at Pony humping Moo and NOT laugh?

I finally got my jacket and mask. With my glove and foil, I finally feel like a real fencer. I noticed on Thursday (my first day wearing them), that I fenced better. $215 for the fencing classes and $160 for the jacket and mask… this is getting expensive! It’s a good thing I really like it.

Tonight is part of Da ‘Brook’s “Old Home Days” celebration. At 9 PM, we get to watch fireworks from the comfort of our very own front yard. It feels like 4th of July in Connecticut when we used to watch the fireworks from either the front yard or the swimming pool.

OK… I guess I’m done stalling. I brought some work home and I should probably start it since I’ve done everything but all day.

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