Monday, August 02, 2010

Of platypi and clock towers


big ben the clock tower at the british parliament building that houses the bell known as big ben :: london :: sept 1, 2008

All it took was one little line in an email:
BTW, when are you coming back to London? You really need to.

Some would say I’m a spoiled brat. I mean, I’ve been to London three times now and it’s just not enough for me.

I know, right? Poor baby’s only been to London three times! WAAAAAAH!

But damn, I want to go again.

My love affair with London started in high school when I got to go on a European tour over spring break. Out of all the cities, London spoke to me. Like Boston, it just feels like home. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Paris and Berlin, thought Amsterdam was odd, and kind of liked Brussels, but London? More, please!

Sometimes, I think about moving there. I wonder what becoming an ex-pat would require. Could I leave everyone and everything I love behind (again) for a fresh start in yet another new country? (Yes, Ohio counts as a country. Dude, have you ever been there?!?!) I just don’t have it in me… I don’t know if I ever could do it again, but I like to think about it from time to time.

Of course, it’s even more tempting when you have someone on the other side of the pond who wants you to visit them.


I guess I know what our big vacation in 2011 is!

Posted by Matty on 08/02 at 09:47 PM