Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Brit may be coming! The Brit may be coming!


derek :: dodd stadium, norwich, ct :: aug 15, 2009

While there have been pockets of my life lately that cross into definite “FML” territory, there are more moments that are sitting squarely on the “insane amount of fun” side.

For starters, I’m trying hard to get my British friend, Nick, to cross the pond and come play with me. As a result, I’ve come up with two unique takes on British / American history for his visit to Boston.

# 1 (and probably the easiest to do): Host the Boston T Party.  We’ll hijack a Green Line trolley, hire a marching band, get a pony and terrorize Comm Ave.

# 2 (my favorite idea): We’re going to re-enact the Battle of Archie Bunker. This involves throwing a Brit in a platypus costume into Boston Harbor while we recite racial slurs learned through repeated watchings of “All in the Family.” There may or may not be Boston Baked Beans involved… But at any rate, I’m looking forward to seeing Nick in a platypus costume more than anything. 

I’m going to need some more time to work out the specifics of the T hijacking and come up with more unique takes on Boston’s role in American history.  (“Listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight chug of a bottle of beer..” What? How about “Pi if by land and the square root of cheese if by sea…”?) It’s only fair that he get the same look at Boston that he gave us when we visited him in London! (Ok, so maybe our London tour was a wee bit more factual, but any one can read a guide book! )

Speaking of Boston—assuming Hurricane Bill stays away from the Greater Boston area tomorrow, I’m off to see Instrument rock SoWa Sundays. I’m thrilled that they’re finally playing a decent distance from my house for a change.  Of course, the next time they’re in Boston, they’re playing the Middle East and it’s the same night as the BU/BC game at Agganis Arena. I’ve actually emailed Ben and asked him if he needed a copy of the hockey schedule.  (Seriously, the BU/BC game?!? I would NEVER miss that game. NEVER. *sigh*)

See? Fun!


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