Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What to say?


with my favorite lead singer and bass player :: arlene’s grocery, nyc :: march 29, 2009

Caught a ride with the boys of the band to their show at Arlene’s Grocery.  The trip down to NYC and back was good fun.  The band was a little rough, but I’ll chalk that up to being ex-haust-ted.  Plus, D was sick as a dog, so he was in the ick up to his eyeballs.  (Poor D!  Get well soon!)

I’m not a big fan of bars and I’m not a big fan of drunk people as a whole… I have seen this played out time and time again and the lesson learned is:  be wary of drunk people.  They tend to share too much and they tend to share the truth.  As a result, I heard things I definitely would have been better not knowing.  From sources that surprised me.  From sources who hurt me with their blunt assessments. Maybe they were right.  Maybe they were wrong. 

While my normal reflex is to lash out at those who hurt me, I wasn’t able to do it this time.  I just swallowed the shock and embarassment and went on with my night. I didn’t know what else to do. I’ve kind of gotten past the hurtful comments.  I’m not going to forget them anytime soon, but I will forgive the source for saying it. I know every word was meant, but I just can’t get mad at their censor for taking the night off. I’m trying to be the bigger person here.

At any rate, things changed on Sunday night in several relationships.  For better or for worse, things aren’t going to be the same again.

I didn’t get back to NH until Monday night - we barely got back to CT in time for me to help unpack and get to work on time. 40 hours without sleep.  Thank god for the insomnia—I would have been dead without it.  You would think that I’ve grown out of that phase, but not so much.  I’ll party as long as my body can take it.  If I need to crash on the way home, I crash.  That’s what hotels are for.  I’ve actually grown to like traveling to see them play and push my photography skills to the limit.  No matter how exhausting it is. I’m not planning on quitting any time soon.  Matter of fact, I’m seriously thinking about traveling to Delaware in May.  It’s the weekend of my Mom’s birthday so it’s a good time to get the heck out of dodge and not host my usual pity party.

I’m not going to lie - I still struggle with taking pictures. My main camera is an Olympus Stylus and my current “back up” is a Nikon D40.  I’m still trying to figure out how the Olympus worked so well at the R.E.M. show because I’m not quite getting that level of success now.  I’d love to dump it and use the NIkon all the time, but I still have a lot to learn about how to use the Nikon in these sorts of situations.  The Olympus is so point-and-shoot that I’ve just grown to trust that 50% of what comes out of it will be OK. I don’t really like that feeling.  I want to know WHY 50% of them come out OK and see if that helps me push it to 75%.

It’s time to rest up - I’ve got another insane weekend coming up.  This time, I"m heading up to VT with the PONY! crew.  It’s supposed to rain all weekend.  Ergh.  I’m kind of happy about that since I can’t ski.  Maybe it will give me an excuse to focus on learning how to use the NIkon…


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