Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Name Days


old school st. :: the warehouse, hartford, ct :: february 7, 2009

So, your friend and mine, Dizzy Vizzy, is all about her “name day” today.

Being of Eastern European descent, I was curious to see if the Ukrainians also celebrated name days.  Apparently, they do! (Scroll down for the Ukie’s name days.)

Mine is the first of May.  I was wondering how I’d remember that when the Hubby of Wonder reminded me of my new favorite song: “The First of May” by Jonathan Coulton.  (LYRICS ARE NOT SFW!!!!!)

Normally, early May sucks for me - I’ve got the quadruple whammy of the anniversary of my father’s death (April 30), my mother’s birthday (May 3), Mother’s Day (varies) and my parent’s wedding anniversary (May 10) in the first two weeks or so of that month.  It’s a hard few weeks to get through.  Being an orphan, those days have a TON of baggage, and I’m normally miserable during that time period. REALLY miserable.

But now!  NOW!  I can look forward to both my name day and the, uh, activities to partake in on the First of May.

w00t! for the first of May!




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