Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Does this look familiar to anyone else, or is it just me?


atm :: new hampshire sheep and wool festival :: may 10, 2008

She’s the coolest of the cool
She’s the toughest of the tough
She’s the grooviest punk rock girl
She’s the queen of the scene in the neighborhood
- “Tamara’s a Punk” (The Queers)

That is, to my knowledge, the only song with my name in it.  Of course, they pronounce it incorrectly (It’s tah-mar-ah, not tam-air-ah. Or, if it helps, think of it like yesterday, today and tamara.  (thanks, V!)), but it’s Hampton, NH’s The Queers!  (We live one town south of Hampton, which to me, is uber cool. We also buy our pizza from the Papa Gino’s where Pamela Smart’s teen lover worked,  but I digress.  Ah, Seabrook, you certainly are an interesting little town.)

Anyhoo, work’s been eating me alive to the point where one of our vendors is placing bets on how long I’ll stay.  It’s not that the job sucks so much, it’s just that I inherited an ungodly mess.  It will get better in time, I know this, but holy hannah it bites the big one right now.  It’s a good day when I can hold my own with the big boys.  A lot of the vendors have begun to love me, as have a lot of our clients, because I don’t mince words and I can cuss like a sailor.  [You wouldn’t know that from this blog, but spend a few minutes with me in real life and you’ll see.]  Working in construction isn’t so different from working in hockey. Or being an only child with an ex-cop as a dad.  You learn how to handle yourself.  You grow certain bits that do not belong on women. You earn the right to hold the secret key.

BU lost to a 1-8-1 team last night.  All I have to say is Rollheiser = FAIL!  OMG! That kid sucks. I know Saturday is BC - which is a HUGE game - so he probably wanted to rest Millan, but dude, bring Bennett back from exile.  Or let Kraus play.  ANYTHING but putting Rollheiser in net.

So, yeah, BC on Saturday and skiing on Sunday.  Hopefully I come back from Stratton alive!  It’s been a while since I’ve gone skiing (on a real mountain), but I can definitely use the distraction.


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