Monday, January 12, 2009

Things that make me happy on a really bad, bad, terrible day


instrument the band :: the warehouse, hartford ct :: december 14, 2008

I had an absolutely terrible day at work today.  It was the kind of Monday where quitting sounds better every. single. second.  I don’t know why Mondays at the new employer are so phenomenally bad, but they are.  It makes me wonder if I’d do better shifting to a Tuesday - Saturday work week…

But today had some moments that pulled me from the brink.  To those people and things I am beyond grateful.

1) Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”  Perfect song for sitting in traffic after a crap day.

2) Cousin Oliver’s “Shot My Boss.”  Ditto.

3) Wally Pleasant’s “Stupid Day Job.” Double ditto.

4) AAA of Northern New England for taking responsibility for their tow truck driver’s stupidity and sending us a check to replace the two rear tires on the Jetta. (We needed to replace both of them! Grrr.)  Still mad that the tow truck company told us to go *** ourselves, but really happy AAA picked up the entire tab.

5) R.E.M.‘s “Ignoreland”.  Best gratuitous use of the f-word today.

6) Not one but TWO Lamy Safari limited edition fountain pens in the mail today.

7) The thought that there’s a BU hockey game tomorrow and they’re giving away free t-shirts.  Bonus!

8) Hearing that someone whose opinion I respect really enjoyed what I thought were crappy pictures.  And made a point to ask me if I would take more. 

*sigh*  Now I can go to bed with the weight of the world removed off my shoulders… until next Monday.  *grin*

Posted by Matty on 01/12 at 09:58 PM