Sunday, January 11, 2009

I *heart* New England


comm. ave. in the snow :: boston, ma :: january 10, 2008

Nothing brings me more joy than the double whammy of a Boston University win and driving home from the game in the snow.

Sometimes, I can’t believe how awesome it is to be back home.

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Hey, hey baby!


bu vs maine :: agganis arena :: feb 16, 2008

I didn’t take any pictures at the Maine game tonight, even though I brought my camera.  To be honest, I kind of forgot I even had it.  It was quite possibly the best 60 minutes of hockey I have ever seen BU play.  I practically lost my mind when Higgy scored with POINT EIGHT seconds left in the first period.  The only icky thing about tonight’s win is Pereira’s 5 minute major & ejection for a hit from behind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the major and misconduct, but I don’t think the refs are using the same criteria every game.  In Friday night’s BC/UVM game, there were two hits from behind.  One got called as a 2 min. minor (boarding, on BC) and the second was a 5 min. major against VT. I think they were both hits from behind and I think BC should have gotten 5 minutes as well.

Shatty is not doing well with keeping to his New Year’s Resolution.  If you look at this picture, you can see his mouthguard hanging out. 

I don’t have the words right now for the “real” stuff that’s on my mind.  I got a part time job doing someone’s book and I’ve gotten myself a new “stalker”.  I’ve got people on my mind who aren’t responding to emails and while I know B will probably never read this, I just need him to pop in and tell me he’s OK.


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