Sunday, January 04, 2009

Today’s new game craze: “Spot Shatty’s Thing”


kevin shattenkirk :: photo borrowed from “the hot dog and jesus blog”

I’ve noticed over the past season and a half that Kevin Shattenkirk never wears his mouthguard.  He uses it as a chew toy.  Seriously.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who has noticed:  “Kevin Shattenkirk’s New Year Resolution.”  I love Hot Dog and Jesus; they’re one of my favorite pieces of BU Hockey tradition.  (I’m going to miss them when they graduate.  I really look forward to seeing them every game.)

It became kind of a joke between J and I - especially during the IIHF tourney the past two weeks.  It seemed like every single time the camera panned on him, it’d be hanging out of his mouth.  So we started watching for it.  I think “Spot Shatty’s Thing” became my favorite part of the tourney. 

In other news, my first pass at the sock’s partner just wound up in the frog pond.  I’m not looking forward to starting it again, but I will. *sigh*

Posted by Matty on 01/04 at 12:30 PM