Monday, December 15, 2008


Completely off topic & no photo—

I was just checking my stats and this here web site comes up # 2 in searches for “suck blow benedetto” !!!!

I suck, I blow, I’m Benedetto! (Yes, he is THE worst ref in Hockey East.)

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It’s OK!  I’m with the band!


instrument the band :: the warehouse, hartford ct :: december 14, 2008

After the R.E.M. concert, I discovered that I REALLY LOVE taking pictures at concerts. Mostly because I’m constantly pushing myself and concerts provide a level of difficulty that dogs and birds can’t. 

Taking photos at concerts with the little Olympus in tow does nothing but sharpen my Photoshop skills, but the camera fits in my pants.  I’m so butch that I don’t carry a purse, so if I can’t stow the camera somewhere out of the way, it doesn’t come with.  I learned my lesson over the weekend - I’m never going to another show with the Olympus. It’s worth hauling the Nikon everywhere.

At any rate… I went to The Warehouse in Hartford, CT on Sunday to watch my friend’s band AGAIN.  Twice in one week.  3 hours one way. Hanging out late with the boys in the band.  Getting home after midnight.  Smelling like drummer, lead singer, bass player, beer.  No wonder I’m so freaking exhausted.  It’s so totally worth it, though.  I love being close to my friends - even if it’s a hell of a drive to get there - and I miss the CT music scene I grew up with.  (Thanks, Ben, for reminding me of the “glory days”.) It’s nice to kind of, sort of, revisit such a favorite part of my past… even if it’s not quite the same.

I’m always going to be the kid at the concert, bopping and singing along.  It’s who I am.  Just ask the guy at the Cleveland R.E.M. show. (“Dude, she knows ALL THE WORDS!”) Or you could ask the guy at last night’s show.  I know the words to all of three songs, but I sang along to them and did my little dancing-type-thing.  Guy I was standing next to was looking at me like I was insane, but I was having a blast.  I had my camera, good friends and good tunes. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

Had a blast with Mama and Papa E, didn’t get to spend any real quality time with my new BFF, and we got asked if we had any reefer. Aaron and I taught Derek the proper way to check someone - both by dropping the shoulder and with the hip.  Jonah tried to kill a pole and then waved his (rather large) stick around.  Someone accused someone else of wanting to get laid. (Nope.  That was Thursday, but thanks for bringing it up again.)  Comments made while good-bye hugs were distributed.  (I have much love for you, too.) 

I’m so bummed it’s the holiday season and they won’t be performing for a while.  It’s like hanging out with Viz and Jeff: ...there’s this huge empty void in my life when they’re not around.  Being with these two is like doing drugs -the highs are amazing and going cold turkey sucks.

The only consolation is that I kind of offered to be the official photographer for the band - since I’ve just been paparazzi so far - and the offer was accepted.  So cool!  I get to say “I’m with the band!”  Heh.  It’s the little things that make me happy…

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